About Us

Our Story

started from scratch…by connecting pixels by pixels…together we reached here!

We are best known for our designs. To provide best design solution to the client is our primary focus point. We have strong skillset of designing solutions for the client it may be in any arena like Graphics Design, Web Design and development, Motion Graphics Design, Video Creation-Editing, Animation and so on.

We are driven by values

We are standing for our values.
– Time Bound Work
– Client Need Fit Solution
– Support and Maintenance

Super Efficient

We have developed the strong skillset of people who are super efficient to work on
any problems to bring out solution to the client.

Deeply Committed

We commit. We perform. We drive the results irrespective of any condition.
Hence we are Deeply Committed.

Highly Skilled

In the field of Multimedia we have super
talented and highly skilled team who can bring out the solution on any way.

Sumit Mungale

Designer | Developer | Trainer

Raj G.

Web Developer
(Front End)

Sneha K.

Web Developer
(Back End)